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McLean Sling Supports The SEAL Future Foundation on the USS Intrepid

McLean Sling Corp recognizes that The Seal Future Foundation is an incredible organization that provides the support necessary for SEALs to realize their full potential and to continue to serve their new communities, families, and employers with the same passion and commitment they had in the teams. Supporting them has been a great pleasure for Neil (the founder of McLean Corp and the inventor of the patented Dynamic Retention AR Sling).

The four main pillars of the SFF are:


Years of intense missions mean SEALs face long-term effects of physical and mental injury that include: physical disability, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, severe depression, substance abuse and sometimes suicide. SFF provides a network of top-tier healthcare providers, individual warrior health advocates, access to breakthrough holistic treatments, coverage of treatment costs, and a community of former teammates for support during care.


Purpose and service are critical factors for a SEAL’s successful transition. SEALs have trouble articulating their value to potential employers, and in turn employers have trouble interpreting a SEAL’s value. SFF provides a mentor to create a transition plan, an SFF coach to help identify best-fit options for a civilian career, networking opportunities, internships, job placement, entrepreneurial support and employer education.


Often former SEALs need additional education and training, they have limited awareness of academic paths, processes and resources, and have challenges meeting tuition costs. SFF provides an education roadmap by an SFF Mentor with input from partners at top institutions, admissions counseling and test preparation, access to skills certification, courses in trades and entrepreneurship Scholarship programs.


Former SEALs often struggle with profound isolation after the strong bonds of the teams, civilian difficulty empathizing with the SEAL experience and finding a sense of service and purpose. SFF provides a means for SEALs to remain connected to each other after the Teams using the SFF Forward Operating Bases (or FOBs) in major cities across the country. FOBs are local organizing points for SEALs and civilians to unite to network and support each other. Upon transition, every SEAL is placed in a FOB so that he and his family are instantly incorporated into a new community.

The event was hosted on the giant aircraft carrier in the middle of New York City, the USS Intrepid. The carrier served tours of duty in World War II and the Vietnam War, and was a recovery vessel for the Gemini and Mercury space missions. It has become the Interepid Museum and is now a National Historic Landmark.

McLean Sling (along with many others) helped raise over a million dollars in one evening at this incredible event on May 11th, 2023. Jacob Grey Firearms is another contributor in the firearms industry, they very generously donated their Jacob Grey Warthog at the April 21, 2023 SFF auction that took place at the Sawmill Training Complex in Laurens, SC.

We, here at McLean, look forward to supporting this organization in the future and welcome you to get involved as well. In the meantime check out our gun sling – a single point sling with a built-in quick release retention system that converts into a 2 point sling.  Whether you’re a hunter, operator, law enforcement agent or a sportsman the McLean sling is the only AR sling you’ll ever need.

McLean supports Seal Future Foundation

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