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Best AR15 to go with your AR15 Sling

McLean Corp has the one and only AR15 sling you’ll ever need, the patented dynamic retention rifle sling that does it all.  Designed by an Active Duty member of the SOF the AR 15 sling is versatile, durable and quick to transition from a 2 point sling to a single point rifle sling. Whether you are a hunter, operator, sportsman or enthusiast the McLean Corp rifle sling is made for you.

The question now is which AR will you chose to go with your AR15 sling?

Many people will go with the AR15 after considering all the benefits of the AR-15 platform: versatility, customization and accuracy to mention a few. Next they might consider different types of receivers such as forged, billet or cast.  The material will greatly affect the durability, weight and quality of the AR15.  Then of course they might think about what manufacturer they trust.  One such manufacturer that cannot be over looked is Jacob Grey.

The moment you hold a Jacob Grey, you’ll understand.

Jacob Grey crafts a full gallery of Complete AR15 Rifles, Pistols, Receivers & Builder Kits. All are individually CNC Machined from billet aluminum and tolerance to meet all Mil-Spec standards.  And they are built to last a lifetime! Jacob Grey is serious about precision in their manufacturing processes, because precision in manufacturing translates to precision in accuracy and reliability. Their uppers and lowers are are made from 7075 Aircraft Grade Billet Heat Treated Aluminum, which is a superior material when compared to castings or forgings.

Billet aluminum is created by pouring molten aluminum into a billet mold, which is then cooled and solidified. The resulting aluminum block is then machined into the desired shape. This process creates a uniform grain structure throughout the material, which results in a stronger and more reliable receiver. In contrast, castings and forgings involve different methods of shaping aluminum, which can lead to the formation of voids, cracks, or other imperfections in the material. These imperfections can negatively affect the structural integrity of the receiver and decrease its lifespan.

You can be proud to have a Jabob Grey AR15 at the end of your AR15 sling.

Jacob Grey also has a line of AR15 Ultralight models designed with the next-generation AR15 in mind. They are reinforced and strengthened to give a sleek, refined look, without losing the classic lines of the AR15 platform. And if you decide to go with an AR10 or an AR9 you can rest assured that the Jacob Grey quality is reliable and consistent amoung all of their products.  Whatever AR (or AR’s!!) you chose to own, there is one accessory you can not go without – the one and only AR15 rifle sling designed by McLean.