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Your Perfect Crossbow Sling, The McLean Sling

Why the McLean sling is the best Crossbow Sling?

McLean Corp USA has years of tactical industry experience. Disappointed with a generic single point crossbow sling McLean Corp created a new type of crossbow sling with a built-in retention system. The McLean Crossbow Sling uses our Patented Quick Release Design which provides the versatility of a single point crossbow sling yet offers the ability to be retained as a 2 point crossbow sling. This ability to transition from a retained position to engaging targets is unmatched by any other crossbow slings on the market.

The McLean Crossbow Sling offers dynamic movement with your crossbow. When it comes to optimizing your crossbow experience, the right crossbow sling can make all the difference. The McLean Dynamic Retention Sling stands out as the best crossbow sling on the market, offering unparalleled comfort, security, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner, this sling for crossbow is designed to meet all your needs.


Crossbow Sling


What makes the McLean Crossbow Sling stand out from other crossbow slings on the market?

  • The McLean Dynamic Retention Crossbow Sling offers unparalleled comfort, security, and versatility, featuring advanced padding, an ergonomic design, a dynamic retention system, and durable, high-quality materials.

How does the McLean Crossbow Sling enhance comfort during use?

  • The crossbow sling features advanced padding and an ergonomic design that reduces strain on your shoulder and back. Its adjustable length ensures a perfect fit for every user, providing superior comfort during long hunting trips.

What security features does the McLean Crossbow Sling offer?

  • The crossbow sling includes a dynamic retention system that keeps your crossbow secure in any position, making it ideal for walking through dense woods or climbing rugged terrain.

Is the McLean Crossbow Sling durable enough for tough conditions?

  • Yes, the crossbow sling is made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the toughest conditions, providing reliable performance for years to come.

How easy is it to install the McLean Crossbow Sling?

  • The crossbow sling comes with robust swivels and mounts that make it compatible with most crossbow models. Installation is simple and quick: secure the swivels to the sling swivel studs on your crossbow, adjust the straps to fit comfortably, and test the fit.

What are the key features of the McLean Crossbow Sling?

  • The crossbow sling boasts fully adjustable straps, quick-release buckles for fast transitions, a non-slip grip to keep it securely on your shoulder, and weather-resistant materials to ensure functionality in all conditions.

How does the McLean Crossbow Sling help reduce fatigue?

  • The ergonomic design and superior padding distribute the weight of your crossbow evenly, significantly reducing fatigue during extended use.

Does the crossbow sling improve mobility and readiness?

  • Yes, the dynamic retention system allows for greater mobility, and the quick-release mechanism and easy adjustability enable swift transitions from carrying to shooting position, ensuring you're always ready for action.

Can the Crossbow sling's length be adjusted to fit different carrying styles?

  • Absolutely. The McLean Dynamic Retention Crossbow Sling features fully adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the sling length to suit your personal carrying style and comfort needs.

Where can I purchase the McLean Crossbow Sling?

  • You can upgrade your crossbow setup by visiting McLean Corp's website to purchase the McLean Dynamic Retention Sling and enhance your archery experience.
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