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Meet McLean Rifle Sling

Who designed the McLean Dynamic Retention Rifle Sling and Why?

McLean Corp USA has years of tactical industry experience. Active military operators disappointed with a generic AR 15 single point sling unrestrained movement, created a new type of single point sling with a built-in retention system. The McLean Rifle Sling uses our Patented Quick Release Design which provides the versatility of a single point rifle sling yet offers the ability to be retained as a 2 point rifle sling. This ability to transition from a retained position to engaging targets is unmatched by any other rifle sling on the market.

On its own, the McLean Rifle Sling is a generic single point sling that offers dynamic movement with your rifle for CQC/CQB environments. It’s great for switching shoulders, shooting under cars or around barricades and even simple things such as just combat reloads or transitioning to your secondary/pistol. However, without constant positive control it is free to hit the user and makes running, or climbing next to impossible and you can forget about prisoner handling.

A generic 2-point rifle sling can be a solution to these problems but, a generic 2-point gun sling makes it difficult for the user to switch shoulders or to even reload, because of the restrained state of the rifle. The Quick Release Design of the McLean Dynamic Retention Rifle Sling offers the best of both worlds. With the power to switch from a retained position to single point quickly, users will easily feel the difference. You can have an AR 15 single point sling with the retention of a 2-point sling. 

The #1 Rifle Sling
for SWAT and
Law Enforcement

McLean Sling partners with Sylvan Arms

The McLean rifle sling is also the #1 choice for SWAT and law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies across the United States are continuously searching for innovative tools and equipment to enhance officer safety and operational efficiency. The McLean rifle sling is just that, an innovative piece of equipment designed to enhance officer mobility and weapon retention during high-stress situations. This revolutionary rifle sling offers numerous benefits that make it a valuable asset for law enforcement professionals. Once you experience this patented dynamic retention sling for yourself it will be the only rifle sling you’ll ever need. You can use the McLean rifle sling as an AR 15 single point sling, with the boost of maximum retention.