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Gun Bags & Gun Cases

When it comes to security not all gun bags are made the same, for the ultimate protection for your travel needs check out our secure messenger gun bag, secure backpack or secure gun case.

A must have secure backpack (Gun Bag), perfect for law enforcement, military and Federal Government Agencies.

Gun Case

You can rely on this secure gun case to keep your property safe, made of robust and scratch-resistant material and featuring a patented three-point locking system on front with a continuous hinge on the back.

Secure Messenger Gun Bag

The perfect cut resistant secure messenger gun bag that fits a laptop and an optional SafeDock base.


The Eversafe® product range has two ways to secure your gun bag in your car for long lengths of time. Allowing users to secure their bag to the car, whether that’s for overnight use, traveling or on the go. This ensures all your valuables are fully secure at all times.


Don't go unsecured without a proper gun case or gun bag.

Gun Case


Why buy a gun bag, pistol bag or gun case?

  • Gun bags serve as indispensable accessories for responsible gun owners, offering a myriad of practical uses beyond mere transportation.

Does a gun case or pistol case help secure my firearm?

  • Absolutely, our secure gun case features a patented three-point locking system; the gun backpack comes with a secure dock, combination lock and RFID protection; and the messenger gun bag has 2 padlock security (padlocks sold separately).

Does a gun case or a gun bag protect my firearm?

  • Yes, a pistol case, gun bag or gun case will protect your firearm from damage during transport and storage.

Does a gun case or pistol case make carrying my firearm more discreet?

  • Yes, gun bags provide a secure and discreet means of carrying firearms.

Do gun cases and gun bags help with organization?

  • Definitely, gun bags enhance organization by featuring specialized compartments for firearms, magazines, and accessories, promoting a systematic approach to firearm management.

What else can I secure in my gun bag or gun case?

  • Our gun backpack, messenger gun bag, and gun case can all accommodate a 17” laptop, in addition to providing storage space for other personal items and valuables.

Who can benefit from a secure gun bag or a secure gun case?

  • Gun bags and gun cases are ideal for Law Enforcement, Federal Government Agencies, Military, as well as gun enthusiasts.

Are gun bags and gun cases typically sturdy?

  • Yes, our secure gun backpack is made out of robust and “cut proof” material and the base and pack are injection moulded in two pieces with glass-reinforced nylon. The secure gun case features rigid, robust and scratch-resistant material to keep your property safe and your case always looking like new.

Is the lock on the secure backpack TSA approved?

  • Yes, the 3 digit lock on our secure gun bag is TSA approved.
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