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Designed by an Active Duty member of the SOF community the Dynamic Retention Sling or DRS was created with the need for versatility, durability and speed missing from traditional rifle slings.

Whether you are a hunter, operator, sportsman, or enthusiast; the McLean Corp USA Dynamic Retention Slings are made for you.

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How it works

McLean Corp USA – The McLean rifle sling offers the best of both worlds. The dynamic abilities of a single point sling with the retention of a 2 point sling.

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Rifle Mobility Attachments Combo

This ultimate Rifle Mobility Attachments Combo features the McLean Dynamic Retention Gun Sling, Sylvan Arms QD Mlok Sling Adapter, B5 buttock with the Tech Ten Tactical QD insert and the Tech Ten Tactical Swinger Sling mount. Transitioning from a retained rifle to engaging targets has never been faster.

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

Rifle Sling B5 Stock Swinger Sling Mount

This is the ultimate setup to maximize your mobility with your rifle without sacrificing retention, switching shoulders has never been so smooth.

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

$219.98 - $221.98
McLean DRS Sylvan Arms QD Mlok Sling adapter

McLean Corp and Sylvan Arms have teamed up to bring you a killer deal on both the McLean AR Sling and the Sylvan Arms QD Mlok Sling Adapter for one low price.

Availability: In stock

B5 Stock with Tech Ten Swinger Sling Mount

For the smoothest shoulder transitions, you absolutely need the Swinger sling mount. It’s position mounted on the B5 stock is perfect having your sling smoothly switch from one side of your rifle to the other side without snagging on any gear.

Availability: Only 2 left in stock


Custom Engineered Maritime Grade Rear Attachment Point.

Patented quick release retention system to instantly transition to single point.

Adjustable Cam Buckle for rapidly tightening gun to your body.

What makes the McLean sling unique?

Hover over the Dynamic Retention rifle sling to learn about our patented features and why the McLean gun sling has become the #1 gun sling in the industry for law enforcement and special operators.

Join the community of law enforcement and special operators who are already utilizing the number one tactical rifle sling on the market

It's the best rifle sling I've ever used, such an easy transition from a single point sling to a 2-point sling and a smooth learning curve. Definitely my new go-to gun sling. Also fast and quick delivery. Y'all absolutely killed it.
Michael D.
So far I really like this rifle sling. With minimal practice, it is a smooth transition from 2 point to a single point sling. Quality materials and awesome design! Great customer service is the icing on the cake
Jeff C.
Being a big guy I wasn’t sure if this rifle sling would fit me. Needless to say, it fits and I love it. If you need a sling for AR15 this fits the bill.
David E.
This is a great gun sling. I love the quality of the strap material and the stitch finishing. The hardware is solid and so far it has worked out great for me.
Tony S.
I really love this gun sling, and works well even for my AUG and smaller frame. The ability to have it securely on my back without it being too loose and still be able to quickly get it out, is a godsend. It works as advertised, and works really well.
Mikkel D.
Have used my AR sling during countless hours of training and live application. Great product and is holding up amazingly for how bad it gets beat up.
Ryan S.

Color Match Your Mission

From night maneuvers to desert ops, McLean Corp rifle sling pattern assortment will satisfy any mission

Dealer, Law Enforcement, and Military Inquiries

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for McLean Corp USA dynamic retention rifle sling or would like a volume rifle sling purchase for your police department or special operations unit, please contact us by clicking the link below.

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