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McLean Sling partners with Sylvan Arms to bring you a QD MLOK Adapter

McLean Corp USA and Sylvan Arms have teamed up to bring you the McLean Dynamic Retention Rifle Sling (DSR) and the Sylvan Arms QD Mlok Sling Adapter bundle.

The Sylvan Arms Quick Detach Sling Attachment is the first of it’s kind to offer QD capabilities along with the option to utilize either a QD sling attachment point or a standard clip sling attachment. This allows for ease of attaching most any sling-type and design. With the QD MLOK easily switch between setups without the use of tools. With our QD Sling Attachment, you can easily move your sling attachment point between MLOK slots on your rail for the perfect positioning no matter the activity.

Ideal for moving between vehicles, helicopters, or if you just want to go from a battle ready rifle to a clean sling-free set up for storage or otherwise.

The Sylvan Arms Quick Detach Sling Attachment has a combination of non-rotation QD and Sling Loop Attachment Point. It is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum with a black Anodized finish. It’s perfect for moving between multiple rifle setups or sling setups and great for quick tactical and range changes so you can switch between sling setups with ease.

McLean Corp Dynamic Retention Sling is not your average 2-point to 1-point conversion rifle sling. It is essentially a single point sling with much needed retention system built into it. The ability to transition from a retained position to engagement is unmatched by any other sling on the market. The McLean Dynamic Retention AR sling (DSR) offers the best of both worlds. The dynamic abilities of a single point sling with the retention of a 2 point sling.  The QD adapter is just what you need to make the perfect AR Sling bundle.

McLean Corp USA brings you the highest quality gear, used and tested by the men who sleep in the mud and go bump in the night. Heroes without capes, blurry faces and redacted names, that is the origin of McLean Corp USA. This is THE sling for AR15 and the only rifle sling you’ll ever need. So go out there and color match to your mission – from night maneuvers to desert ops, McLean Corp rifle sling pattern assortment will satisfy any endeavor: choose between Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, and MultiCam.  For gun cases, bags, sling mounts and other rifle accessories SHOP including a Quick Detach End Plate With Swivel.