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Where Does a Gun Sling Rank on the List of Best Accessories?

A gun sling is a highly regarded accessory among firearms enthusiasts, playing a crucial role in firearm management and accessibility. Whether you are a seasoned marksman or a passionate hunter, a gun sling offers immense benefits by aiding in firearm transportation, weight distribution, and quick firearm retrieval. Gun slings come in various types, such as single point sling and a 2 point sling, each serving specific purposes and preferences.

Top Gun Slings for Precision Rifles and AR-15s  

Single Point Gun Sling:

The Single Point Sling offers unmatched maneuverability, allowing the firearm to hang freely and swing naturally. This design is perfect for quick transitions and CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenarios. It provides easy and rapid access to your firearm.

2 Point Rifle Sling:

A 2 point sling is a type of rifle sling that attaches to a weapon at two separate points of contact. One point is usually toward the front of the weapon somewhere in front of the trigger. The second point usually attaches behind the trigger near or on the stock.  This type opf gun sling allows the shooter to carry the weapon over their back, with the sling draped across the torso, around the neck or over one shoulder. When properly fitted, a two-point sling will keep the rifle close to the body allowing you to transition to your pistol, render aid, or more.

2 Point Sling with Quick Detach Sling Mount Swivel:

This gun sling features a quick-release buckle for efficient detachment from your rifle when necessary, providing convenience and adaptability in various situations.

The McLean Dynamic Retention Sling:

Designed by an Active Duty member of the SOF community the Dynamic Retention Sling or DRS was created with the need for versatility, durability and speed missing from traditional rifle slings. The McLean Dynamic Retention Sling is hailed as the versatile all-in-one solution. Its multi functional design combines durability, ease of use, and quick adjustment features, making it ideal for different firearms and activities. The Quick Release Design of the McLean Dynamic Retention Rifle Sling offers the best of both worlds. The ability to transition from a retained position to engagement is unmatched by any other gun sling on the market – this is the go to sling for AR15.

A Valuable Investment: The Benefits of Gun Slings  

Beyond mere functionality, a rifle sling is a cost-effective accessory that enhances your firearm experience. Its versatility and usability make it a bang-for-the-buck investment, ensuring that you are well prepared for any shooting adventure.

In addition to gun slings, there are several other accessories worth considering to optimize your firearm setup. Accessories such as optics, flashlights, and stocks can further enhance your shooting experience and accuracy. However, a gun sling remains a foundational accessory that enhances firearm mobility and accessibility, making it a must-have for any gun enthusiast.  So pick one up today in Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green or MultiCam.



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