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What is the best AR15 Sling?

Looking for the best AR15 sling? Let’s dive in. An AR sling is one of the most affordable upgrades you can make to your AR15.  A gun sling is also one of the most useful and versatile accessories that cannot be overlooked. If you’re carrying your AR15 all day long you need the support of a retention sling to avoid fatigue while not in use.  But you also need your gun to be readily accessible and available when you need it.

This is where the Dynamic Retention Gun Sling from McLean Corp comes in.

Most people will need to decide whether they need a 2-point sling for all-day retention or a single point sling for action, but with this patented rifle sling, you can have it all.  The DRS has the dynamic abilities of a single-point sling with the retention of a 2 point sling. The sling mounts in the rear allowing it to work as a single point sling, which is great for action. You might think this still leaves you the problem of needing to carry your AR15 around all day when you’re not in combat, but Mclean Corp removed the need to carry more than one gun sling, or need to choose a single rifle sling as a one size fits all, by adding a quick release onto their AR 15 sling.

It can be mounted to the front of your rifle and has a cinch strap on the side, so you can carry your AR 15 right next to your body comfortably all day. Once you are in need of your AR 15, a single touch point allows you to remove the slack by pulling on it, and then instantly detaches with a quick tug, putting you from a 2 point sling to a single point sling in seconds. This allows you to always be prepared for combat and yet prevents you from being uncomfortable when carrying your rifle around.

Although highly beneficial to persons in combat, that is not the sole use of the McLean Corp Dynamic Retention AR15 Sling. It is also a great tool for hunters, as the 2 point sling half of the DRS allows hunters to safely and silently position themselves into the perfect place to take a shot at their prey, and the single-point sling half allows them to seamlessly get their AR 15 out so they can pull the trigger at a moments notice.

The McLean rifle sling is a great tool for all shooters to have and comes in multiple options to color-match your mission.  So whether you are a hunter or a law enforcement agent give yourself every possible advantage by using the best AR 15 sling – the patented dynamic retention sling.