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McLean AR15 Sling Shines at Gunfighter Course

In a life or death situatuation you simply can’t afford to have subpar equipment – and that’s where the McLean AR15 sling comes in.  Our one of a kind patented Dynamic Retention AR15 Sling really got to shine at the recent Gunfighter Training event sponsored by Active Crisis Consulting and Classic Firearms.

When it’s a matter of life and death select an AR15 Sling That Delivers

Participants used our gun sling to effectively move between obstacles and neutralize threats by quickly changing between a retained 2 point position to a ready to fire single point position. This is precisely the type of versatility that is missing from traditional rifle slings. The McLean AR15 Sling uses our Patented Quick Release Design, which provides the versatility of a single point rifle sling, yet offers the ability to be retained as a 2 point rifle sling. This ability to transition from a retained position to engaging targets is unmatched by any other AR15 sling on the market.

This was truly an incredible event that featured our AR15 sling and allowed participants to hone in their skills, while learning something new along the way.  In order to truly be ready for a dangerous situation you have to intentionally train both your mind and body by running through simulations, such as this one.  And the time to prepare for any danger is right now.  If you are a person who does not get enough training with your equipment we encourage you to make time for it now.  In the words of a wise Chines proverb the best time to plant a tree was 20 years go, the second best time is today.

AR15 sling

Event Details:

Daily Agenda – 11 Jan: Thursday Afternoon/evening
•1400 – 2000 – Check in at Arena Training Facility
•Get assigned a cabin
•Gear Prep
•Compound Tour
•Hang with the boys

Daily Agenda – 12 Jan: Friday
•0700 – 0800 Breakfast
•0830 – 1200 Squadron Standards Shooting
•1200 – 1300 Lunch
•1330 – 1500 Live Fire QCQ Drills on the range
•1530 – 1800 Basic CQC Concepts (Dry at Kill House)
•1800 – 2200 Dinner and hang with the boys

Daily Agenda – 13 Jan: Saturday
•0700 – 0800 Breakfast
•0830 – 1200 CQC Skills (Dry at Kill House)
•1200 – 1300 Lunch
•1330 – 1800 Winning a Gunfight (Shooting & moving with a partner/team)
•1800 – 1900 Dinner
•1900 – 2000 Fireteam Leadership with Jim Foreman
•2000 – 2200 Hang with the boys

Daily Agenda – 14 Jan: Sunday
•0700 – 0800 Breakfast
•0830 – 1030 Winning a Gunfight (Shooting & moving with a partner/team)
•1100 – 1200 Mission Planning Class
•1200 – 1300 Lunch (Continue Mission Planning discussions)
•1300 – 1430 OPORD for Mission
•1430 – 1500 Gear Prep & ROC Drills
•1500 – 1800 Execute Operation | Insert, Infill, Actions on, Exfil, Extract |
•1800 – 2200 Dinner & Debrief


•Athletic Clothes similar to hiking gear that you can get dirty. (For 3 Days)
•Toiletry Kit and Towel Recommended Gear
•Your own firearms chambered in 5.56 and 9mm
•Must have sling and red dot optic on Rifle
•Must have open carry holster for your specific Pistol
•Your own plate carrier, and pistol belt
•Cold Weather clothes. You never know what the weather brings.
•Snacks (Food is provided but it you want your own snacks, bring them)

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