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The Air Rifle Sling in Action: Ancient City Airgun Challenge

McLean Corp was proud to sponsor the Ancient City Airgun Challenge with our air rifle sling, an exciting airgun competition that took place on May 25th, 2024. Held in the charming city of Saint Augustine, this event brought together some of the best shooters in a thrilling fast-shooting, high-energy format. This blog post recaps the highlights of the event, the rules, and the importance of a reliable air rifle sling for competitors.

The Venue and Atmosphere  

Saint Augustine, with its rich history and beautiful scenery, provided the perfect backdrop for the Ancient City Airgun Challenge. The competition was hosted at a brand new private gun range, just 10 minutes from downtown, offering a unique and secluded environment for participants. The day was filled with camaraderie, competition, and enjoyment, capped off with a delicious pig roast and refreshing beverages.

Competition Format and Rules  

The Ultra Fast format, developed by the Ultra-Match Precision Airgun Association, set the stage for a challenging and dynamic competition. Shooters competed in four separate stages, each featuring seven targets. Here’s a brief overview of the competition rules:

  • Registration and Sight-In: The day started early at 7:30 am with registration and sight-in.

  • Safety Meeting: A mandatory safety meeting was held at 8:30 am to ensure all participants understood the rules and safety protocols.

  • Competition Rounds: The first round of four lanes began at 9 am, followed by a lunch break at 11:30 am. The competition resumed at 12:30 pm for the second round.

  • Shooting Positions: Shooters engaged targets from various positions, including standing with sticks and using a bucket or stool.

  • Scoring: Each stage had a maximum of 100 points, with a total potential score of 800 points for the match.

The Role of an Air Rifle Sling  

In a high-energy competition like the Ancient City Airgun Challenge, having the right equipment is crucial. An air rifle sling is one of the most important accessories for any shooter. Here’s why:

  • Stability: A good air rifle sling helps stabilize the rifle, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately.

  • Comfort: Carrying a rifle for long periods can be tiring. A sling distributes the weight, reducing fatigue and allowing the shooter to focus on their performance.

  • Convenience: In a timed competition, quick transitions between shooting positions are essential. A sling allows for easier maneuverability and faster positioning.

Winners and Highlights  

The Ancient City Airgun Challenge was packed with memorable moments and impressive performances. Here are the top winners:

  • First Place: Robson Connelly with a score of 690/800

  • Second Place: Terry Clark with a score of 590/800

  • Third Place: Hugo Leal with a score of 560/800

A special mention goes to Rachael Powledge, who tied for 4th place with Travis Dixon, representing the ladies.

  • Competitive Spirit: Shooters showcased their skills in a timed format, making for an intense and exhilarating competition.

  • Community and Camaraderie: Participants and spectators enjoyed a day of shooting, followed by a social cocktail hour and a hog roast dinner.

  • Awards and Prizes: The day concluded with a raffle and awards ceremony, recognizing the top shooters and celebrating the event’s success.


The Ancient City Airgun Challenge was a fantastic event that brought together the airgun community in a beautiful setting. Sponsored by McLean Corp, the competition highlighted the importance of skill, precision, and the right equipment, including reliable air gun slings. We look forward to sponsoring more events in the future and continuing to support the sport of airgun shooting.

Stay tuned for more updates and events from McLean Corp, and don’t forget to gear up with the best air rifle slings for your next competition! There’s always something exciting happening in the world of airgun sports. Also check out how the Mclean sling can work as a crossbow sling.

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